Bmore's Thoughts

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Notice

So I am so bored I decided to create a post. I know its been like almost a year since my last post. I've got this stupid job that blocks most websites, and once I get home from work getting on the computer is the last thought in my mind. But since we are in the midst of the second blizzard in a weeks time I got time on my hand. I'm so bored I am thinking about joining Facebook (I prefer to call it what them young kids are doing). My brother is on there and he is old as dirt so I figure if he can figure it so can I. While I contemplate joining "what them young kids are doing" I will update here.

I am pregnant, very much pregnant. I'm actually due in two weeks. We are having a baby girl and I'm too excited! I've had a very easy pregnancy for the most part. I had a couple of bad days here and there but over all this pregnancy have been great. Till now, I have developed this very uncommon rash that started on my stomach and has spread every where but my face (thank God). But this rash itches like nothing I have ever experienced in life. So because of that I may be having our sweet baby this weekend. I didn't really want to have my baby on a holiday but it might be kinda sweet to have a Valentine baby. I went to the doctors Tuesday and she told me to do some walking. Not sure what planet she is on but at that time there was about 3 feet of snow on the ground, and snowing when I enter the office with the expectation of another possible 2 feet of snow. Where the hell am I gonna walk? Nothing is open and driving is practically impossible.

I think hubby is in a bit of denial that his daughter will be making an early appearance. This morning he asked me where I wanted her dresser, it's now 9 pm and it's still sitting in the box. So I think he just got mad that I reminded him that it's still sitting in the box. Oh well, he will get over it, he needs to get to working.

I think that’s all I got for the time being. I might be back later.

Until next time….

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Met Our Baby

This is our baby Miles. In this picture he is about 6 months old and spoiled rotten. As you can see he was a fur ball. And then we got all his fur cut off. He destorys every toy he gets, humps on my leg when he is not following close behind me. But isn't he the cutest puppy every. We love him to pieces.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Been So Long

It’s been so long since I have posted anything. Why, you ask. Well I got a new job. My old job was sweet, laid back, casual, chill, but so was the money. I wanted more for our family. So I got a new job, making more money and supposedly more opportunity (noticed I said supposedly). I hate this place. So when I started here all my free time was devoted to learning the job, and working longer hours. So my internet time decreased drastically. It’s been about eight or nine months now and I still hate this place. And I know with today’s economy I should be happy to have a job, but who wants to dread coming to work every day. So I guess I need to go ahead and have a baby and leave this hellhole.

By the way me and the husband are in negations on having a baby. After getting our taxes done we wished we could pop one out before the end of the year. That sounds kinda of cruel – but we did joke about it. So the husband has said several things recently about having kid(s) soon, I think he is getting the itch. His best friend just had a baby about 2 months ago and he nearly swoops her out their arms as soon as he sees her (its really cute).

In other new news we have a puppy. We got him the day after Christmas, he is a black Cocker Spaniel and his name is Miles. If stupid ass Comcast internet worked at home I would have a picture of him up (who am I kidding I haven’t uploaded any pictures), but he is very cute. He is so spoiled its crazy. When we first got him he cried so badly that me and the husband took turns sleeping with him on the floor. I think the first month or so was torture, I had never been so sleep deprived in all my life and if this is what having a kid is like please pray for us.

I guess that is enough of a recap for now, I will try and not stay away as long any more and I promise to upload my pictures. I also have some great pictures of Inauguration. I will share that story next time.

Untill then ......